Tax Reduction Strategies for the Real Estate Professional (NO CE)

Date: 09-Apr-2019

Tax Reduction Strategies for the Real Estate Professional (NO CE)
Instructor: Maine Shafer with Bradford and Co.
Date/Time: Tuesday, April 9, 2019 from 9:00a -11:30a
Location: EBR Training Room (1065 N Bryant Ave. Edmond 73034) 
Sponsor/Host: First American Title

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This is your chance to give yourself a raise this year and streamline your business!

Here are just some of the safe, audit-proof tax-saving strategies you will learn:

  • IRS Myths - Busted!

  • How to deduct maximum business meal expenses after the recent TJCA tax reform

  • How to use a medical reimbursement plan that can save you and your family thousands of tax dollars every year. Set it up Now!

  • Tips for maximizing your automobile deductions including luxury autos-plus easy documentation strategies

  • How to safely qualify your home office for big tax deductions, even if you spend most of your office time at a branch office

  • How to audit-proof your tax records-so you reduce chances of an audit, but can stand confident if selected randomly

  • Learn how to make the most of your new 20% 199A tax deductions

  • Optimize Efficiency and Deductibility in your business throughout the year

Fear not! This is not some dry tax-prep-snooze-fest! This IS an entertaining, fast paced, power packed session with practical strategies you can start using now to build your business and keep more of your income.